How To Gain Massive Exposure Online Using Classified Websites

If you’ve been lurking around in the internet marketing industry, then by now you must have come across one or two online classified website. For some others who don’t yet know what Online Classifieds are, we will take a cursory look at it shortly.

Online classifieds are websites that provide a simple avenue for buyers and sellers to search, list and transact directly. Generally, most people assume that online classifieds are for business to business transactions where buyers meet sellers directly. But any savvy digital marketer can easily explore to his/her advantage, the unlimited marketing opportunities provided by these platforms.

Do you have products for sale (whether tangible or digital), do you have services you want the world to patronize, do you want to gain more brand exposure or gain more clients for your business? Do you also want to drive more human traffic to your website, blog or sales page?, then read carefully as we expose to you ways you can position yourself to tap the online classifieds potentials.

For the purpose of our learning, we will focus on the free online classifieds out there, you can google out the rest any day. The free online classifieds websites you can patronize today are:

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How To Write An Effective Press Release That Drives Instant Traffic To Your Website


A press release is a short, compelling document containing details about a product release, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces. Press releases are essentially used by companies, firms or groups to manage their public relations strategy. In modern times, press releases have become so important to start-ups in gaining the attention of their audience in that it is a very easy way to gain media coverage.

One of the most important ideas make your public relations strategy better, is to think of press releases as an opportunity to connect to the audiences you care about. Press releases are also given serious consideration by journalists because a well-crafted press release can easily be featured as a top story.

Considering that media houses and the internet are flooded with different kinds of press release on a daily basis, writing a good press release therefore is very essential if you want yours to stand out from the pack. While the format to a good press release is basic, writing a killer copy boils down to creativity and effort. In this guide, we will show you the step-by-step creative formats of writing an amazing press release.

Start With A Killer Title

The beginning of a press release, just as with any other write up, is definitely the most important. That is the first a journalist, a reporter or anyone reading your press copy will see, so you need to ensure that it grabs all attention and gives a good overview of your story. The headline should be brief, clear and straight to the point. Avoid lengthy titles that keep repeating same point over and over again. Also, your title should give an immediate insight of what the rest of the story is all about. Your reader will barely spend few seconds to determine what your press release is all about, and how interesting it will be, just by glancing through the title. The more interesting and irresistible your headline is, the more you stand a chance at getting your press release receiving a wider coverage.

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Discover Six (6) Secrets You Can Apply To Make Your Website Load Unusually Fast


Yes! The speed of your website also influences SEO. 

One of the easiest ways to loose customers online is having a slow website. The speed of your site affects every metric you care about : Bounce rate, Search ranking, Conversion, Page Views, Reader Satisfaction, Even revenue.

Your website visitors are impatient, shoppers are in a haste and web viewers don’t have all the time to spend online. They want to quickly get that information from your blog, quickly place that order on your online shop or just download that video without wasting much time. With the increasing growth in the number of websites and businesses going online everyday, it is important to implement measures that makes your website stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, your website must load in less than five seconds, or risk loosing customers and revenue to your competitors!

Tools like PINGDOM at http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ or Google Page Speed Insight at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ come in handy when you want to test and analyze the load time of your website.

Here Is A Quick Guide To Check The Speed Analysis

If the analyses shows your website performance as loading  too slowly, then you need to speed it up.

Here are some of the tips to help you achieve this;

  1. Optimise Your Images For The Web:

Using the best image format for the web is known to reduce website load times drastically. Image formats such as jpeg is highly recommended for the web. More still, instead of using 100% image quality, you can use 65% or 70%, thus reducing the size without compromising quality. This can be achieved using online image editing tools such as Pixlr.

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Smart Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Blog


Traffic equals more fame, fame equals more money. This is why everyone wants traffic on their site. Traffic refers to the number of viewers that check your site each day or every time contents are uploaded. It becomes better when these viewers participate by commenting on an uploaded content. High traffic is the aim of every blogger as apart from viewers, you also get those who want to advertise their products or service with you in the hope of snagging customers from your audience.

So, how can you generate traffic to your blog/site?

Quality content. This is the first thing and it can’t be over-emphasized. Good content keep people coming back, good content ensures that these people that keep coming back invite their friends too to benefit from your content. Sometimes, your visitors can create links to your websites via social media even bringing in more visitors.

Be regular. Another thing not to compromise on is consistency. Do not update today and leave your next update for another month. The moment you slip up on consistency, you leave room for your competitors to snag your audience. Irregularity also doesn’t speak well of you as you would be seen as an unserious person.

Advertise Online. Facebook and Google are great sources of huge traffic on the internet today. They both offer more traffic that you can ever need if you harness their ability effectively.

Forum. This is another great way to drive traffic to your website. Go to a forum and sign up. After which you start posting educative content in your threads. Let them be very meaningful and then add your blog link as a signature. When the forum audience go through your article and it makes a lot of sense then they will click away to your blog to see what more they can learn from you.

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The Definitive Guide To Monetize Your Blog

Some people blog without knowing ways they can bring in money to their blogs. Whether blogging about your passion, hobby or focusing on a particular niche, there are ways to make money off your blog.

Selling a product or service is a timeless way of making money that cannot fail. The only thing is you would need to carefully review what you are offering your customers. You might love writing articles and your site is an article based blog, you could offer to write freelance for people or help them edit their articles or books. This means that you are not only blogging but selling your service based on what you love doing which is writing.

Getting advertisements for your blog is the next obvious way of making money. You can advertise through text links or banner ads using options such as pay-per-click, pay-per-post or affiliate programs. There are enough affiliate programs and other such options online that you can research on and pick the one you want to use on your site.

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How You Can Advertise Your Business With Little Or No Budget


Must advertisement be done with a huge budget for it to have an IMPACT?

Find out in today’s article!

In starting out, we are always aware of that big firm or that big e-commerce site that has adverts everywhere you turn; on television, on radio, on different websites and forums you visit. How on earth can you compete with those that have an unlimited budget or make people know about your business out of all the fancy big ones?

Here’s how you can put yourself and business out there without breaking the bank, how you can rather use that money for something else that will position your business so that you don’t get cut off guard when the customers start coming.

Here are some tips;

FORUMS: Most people do not make use of the time they spend on the internet and web wisely. Forums have sprung up all over the internet and even some web owners create forums because they recognize the need to interact with users.

How can you use the forum to your advantage?

Go to forums that play to your strength. For example, if you are a webmaster and want more website jobs, you’d go to a forum that has budding webmasters and establish yourself as an expert, giving advices and answering questions and from there build your reputation. If you go to forums where there are better webmasters, learn from them but offer your potential customers something that would give you leverage.

Never go to a forum and spam the board! That is something that irks most people and certainly make you appear unprofessional. A forum like NairaLand with vast categories can be a starting point for your business. You can also use Google to search for more active forums in Nigeria or globally depending on what you want to achieve.

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2 Effective Ways Of Writing An Eye Catching Advert


You can call it the definitive guide to writing an Ad!

We know how effective these Television Ads can be, some make you change the channel in anger, some make you marvel at the creative minds that created such a wonderful advert. It is the same for written adverts too, when we see them in newspapers and online, we gloss over some and go over some again and again.

Advertising is more than beautiful pictures or flowery words, the aim is to sell. Advertisements have the benefit of reaching a large number of people than a one on one sale would do.

So, how eye catching should your ads be? Very!

Below are three (2) tips to writing an eye catching advert:

(1) Focus on your target: Most people make the mistake of thinking that if they write an advert or do an advert that will speak to everyone. Wrong! Your advert should be written as if they are speaking to just one person. Consumers like to feel special and would respond more if they thought an advert addressed them directly. You’ve seen that trick a million times especially in pictures too.

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What’s Your Emotional Selling Point?


When creating a business either an online site or otherwise knowing that you have enough competition, you create a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your business so that customers and fellow competitors can use that to identify you but how unique can your selling point be, because a USP is not enough. Smart business owners have started deploying Emotional Selling Point (ESP) because they know that most customers stick to a brand or a person because of emotions.

An ESP answers the customer’s question of WHY and WHAT? Why should I buy this product/service? What will I gain from buying this product/service?

Let’s look at examples for ESPs:

For example, If you are into delivery and logistics with majority of your customers being online, even though your USP might be that you deliver products at the exact time you said you would like within 2 hours; your ESP could be a message sent to the customer immediately the product has been delivered, thanking them for doing business with you and wishing they would continue.

Yes, imagine receiving a package from DHL and just after you’ve signed and received your package, a text comes in telling you how important a customer you are. That’s an emotional selling point that will endear you to DHL.

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Priceless Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From The Coca Cola ‘Share A Coke’ Campaign

Coca Cola Won!
I Never Knew Nigerians Could Easily Be Seduced BY An Inanimate Object

The Coca Cola ‘Share A Coke’ campaign has turned up the volume on the fact that an advert mustn’t look an advert for it to make an IMPACT. Unarguably!

Before I expose the four (4) powerful lessons you can learn from the ‘ShareACoke’ campaign let me quickly share with you the motivation behind my findings. A few days ago I was at the Cinema in SPAR, Port Harcourt. Prior to entering the movie hall I decided to buy the rightful companion to make it a complete relaxation. For me, it’s usually pop corn and sprite.


I stood there for next few minutes without the sales person attending to me.

Guess what?

A lot of people subjected her to endlessly search for Coca Cola popularly known as coke that has their name printed on it. It was so funny that as she provides for one customer it makes others to alternate between excitement and frustration.

The child in adults came out to the fullest because of branded coca cola bottle before my very own eyes. Then I knew it wasn’t normal.

As a marketer I wasn’t carried away after-all I didn’t order for coke but the powerful influence of the creative campaign seduced me completely.

So I decided to understudy the marketing campaign and behold it was more than a marketing revolution. I gained so many insight that had the potential of instantly turning any business around positively. That is why I decided to blog about some of the lessons I’ve uncovered.

As a Marketer these are some of the lessons you can learn from the ‘ShareACoke’ campaign

*** Consumers Tend To Find Personalization Irresistible

A name is the most personal and treasured possession for most people. The mention of your name is guaranteed to get your attention wherever and whenever. You are most likely to feel favorable disposed to anyone who shows some form of respect or love for your name.

Imagine the feeling of recognition and honor to pick up a product and see your name boldly and deliberately printed on it – like it was made just for you!

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Learning How To Speak The Language Of Your Prospects Could Be A Sales Weapon


Speaking Your Prospects Business Language Could Help You Close More Sales.

When you are in a foreign country you don’t have to alter your basic nature, you don’t change your ideas but how you present those ideas does change. Because that is the only way you can be more understood and compatible.

Consider an example, imagine the best copy writer in china who has generated billions in sales but understands only Chinese language. Then he gets hired to write a sales copy for the Nigeria market. If that copy is not transcribed into English, do you think it will produce the same result as it will in China?

Certainly, No!

Because prospects need to understand what you are selling before making a decision to buy or not. Your audience must first read and understand your sales publication before conversion takes place. So learning how to speak the language of your prospects can make the selling process easy for you.

This single strategy has increased my sales geometrically. When I write sales copy for a product I want to market to a lay man, I avoid blatant sales pitches, instead I provide irresistible information in simple terms that slides smoothly into a sales pitch for my product. And I get the RESULT!

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