Affiliate Promotions

I pride myself in been able to bring huge sales on a promotion. I have been able to carefully choose my promotions and deliver sales and almost always sit on the top leaderboard spot.

Having great success comes with a laid down process for picking my promotions. that been said, I would love to promote your great product is the timing is right.

What do I Promote?

Solid and well supported product. I look out for Product with a potential to become a business, not just a hit and run, I promote unique, genuine, honest in the way they are sold & solve a real world problem.

Notice Period:

Ideally 30 days so I can test and be sure it will add value to our members, 7 days minimum… but I do promote last minute if the product is GREAT and will be valuable to our members.


To consider a promo, I need, summary of product (key features, benefits & USPs), sales page, JV page, affiliate product link, sales video, funnel URLs, launch pricing strategy (see below for more info)


If your product is good, and you worked hard for us then we’ll go the ‘Extra Mile’ for you… it’s what we do. If we make good stuff that sells well & I have promoted yours before, I expect you reciprocate especially if its in your niche.

Best Way to Contact 

Skype: Supremewebo1

What I Need to Promote

Send out a full Doc detailing every aspect of the sales funnel, and review access, as well bonuses and more.